Kirsten Ferguson

Freelance Writer and Editor


Kirsten Ferguson

After seven years as the lead writer and editor for the national conservation group American Farmland Trust, I struck out on my own as a full-time freelance writer, editor and proofreader. Much of my background is in conservation and communications for non-profits, but I’ve also worked as a freelance journalist for 20 years, writing about topics as disparate as travel, music, technology, horse racing, local food and the arts.

(Download a PDF of my resume or visit my LinkedIn profile for more on my background.)

I now work with a variety of clients, ranging from national and local nonprofit groups to for-proft companies, print publications and blogs. I understand that when you hire a freelance writer/editor, you want someone who is responsive and easy-to-reach, meets deadlines, can turn around projects quickly when needed, and does quality work with a cheerful attitude. Those are all attributes that I strive for.

Please contact me for more information about services and rates.


“Kirsten has outstanding skill as a writer and editor – with the ability to effectively write a broad range of pieces for farm, food, conservation and environmental audiences. She is very experienced and adept in conducting interviews/research and managing the entire creative and production process, from sourcing and vetting vendors to delivering a final product on time and within budgeted parameters.”Jane Kirchner, Conservation Marketing Professional

Kirsten can put together a magazine like no one else — planning the story budget sensibly (and altering it on the fly when need be), quickly reworking copy to fit the available space, and tracking down breathtaking images, many of them by independent photographers and illustrators. Through all the stresses of deadlines and demands, she’s remarkably cheerful, flexible, and resourceful.” – Sally Murray James, Partner, Cutting Edge Design

“Kirsten Ferguson is an editor’s dream: capable, knowledgeable and easy to work with. With her writing, she sees the big picture but also hones in on the important details that bring her stories to life. She possesses excellent research skills and writes, seemingly effortlessly, in a clear and concise style that has made her popular with our readers.” – Sara Ayers, Publisher, Nippertown


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